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Who We Are

Simply Design is composed of great people from website designers, to programmers, to graphic designers, and SEO specialists. Everyone is dedicated to attaining more customers for our customers. It’s short but it’s the truth. When our clients enjoy success, we enjoy success. Our SEO specialists are attuned to the in’s and out’s of the SEO world. They stay up-to-date on all SEO news articles to ensure that they are successful in getting your business to the top.

How We Do It

Simply Design a combination of up-to-the-minute techniques, software, and knowledge, and good old-fashioned hard work, to make your website out-perform the competition. The year 2013 is bringing new challenges and changes to the internet world, and while many SEO companies cling to outdated SEO methods and fall behind , Simply Design continues to excel. Simply Design employs techniques such as Semantic Link Building, Optimized Anchor Text, Local Optimization, Social Sharing Incentive, and SEO Responsive Web Design.

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The importance of ranking higher.

How many people do you think go beyond the third page of a Google search? Unfortunately, the answer is not very many. Do you know where your business ranks in search engines? In 2011, Google reported almost 5 billion searches per day, and that number has undoubtedly grown. People rarely go an entire day without conducting an online search. Will they find you?

What is your current SEO strategy?

A Search Engine Optimization strategy requires constant updating, revising, and tracking.  Our team knows the many intricacies that a proper SEO strategy requires, from knowing what consumers to target and how to properly target them. Simply Design has experience with many different types of clients on a variety of campaigns, and we know exactly what will work.

What strategies do your competitors employ?

Not only do we create and improve your companies SEO strategy we keep tabs on what your competition is doing.  We study your competition to identify questions such as – Who are they targeting? What methods are they using? Should you employ a similar strategy or a counter strategy? We have the technology and know-how to answer all of those questions and more, giving you the most effective SEO strategy for your money.

How can your strategy be improved?

The human race is constantly improving, and a business’ strategy is no different. When something is great, we want to make it greater. Part of Simply Design’s core value and strategy is that no matter a website’s position or current SEO, we will always strive to improve it.  Is your website on page one of Google searches? We will work constantly to maintain its position. So ask yourself: how could my website better drive customers to my business?

Want to start your SEO journey?

Simply Design is here to help. We want to improve your business.