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Video Production & Editing

Local Video Production & Editing – National Quality

If you’re looking to produce your next TV commercial, online video or event video, Simply Design has the team for you. With the best equiptment, experienced professionals and multiple different platforms, we can shoot, edit and produce entire projects locally, without the hassle of using freelance teams of people.

Finding the right team can be difficult and here’s where we specialize!

Spot & Script Development

Script Writing Services

If you’re just in the planning stages of your next spot, video or series, that’s the best place to start. By offering ideas, perspective and expertise, our team will be able to help write and produce your next spot. A well planned spot is the start of a great project. Let us help you today!

In-Studio & On-Location Filming

Local & Studio Video Shooting & Filming

Starting with great equipment and skills is the basis of a great shoot! Whether on location or in our studios, you’ll have access to both to make your spot look professional, crisp and have the resolution needed for any application. Our team is looking forward to working with you!

Video Editing & Final Production

Video Editing Services

Once your spot or video has been shot, it’s time to make it into a final product. Using the best editing software and tools available, our team can post-process, cut, edit and render at lighting speeds. Editing makes the spot, so trust the team with years of experience in editing video!

2D & 3D Motion Graphics

Sometimes, it’s easier to explain a point or a service by simply showing it! When it’s not possible to shoot video, trust animated motion graphics. Sometimes called animation, 3D animation, motion graphics or character animations, motion graphics are an amazing way to make your point.

Starting with a script or narration, our team will then storyboard your ideas to start the process. After your script has been professionally voiced-over, we’ll convert the storyboards into actual graphics and a full animation.

No matter what the level, subject or quality, our animation team can create almost anything including full renderings from CAD files, custom characters or even life-like objects. Call us today to learn how we can make ideas a reality!

Aerial Video & Photography

Working with various types of technology, Simply Design is able to safely and effectively shoot video from above. Though there are many different laws and restrictions, call us today to learn the real truth about the use of drones, aerial photography and more to get the perfect shot!

Uncompressed, 4K & High-Definition Video Production

Having the right equipment, servers and infrastructure makes all the difference when you’re creating large image based video or shots. This type of large-format shooting, editing and storage can really slow down smaller firms, so trust a company that has the experience, equipment, and the ability to produce all types of video projects!

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