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The Importance of an Online Presence

There are over 2.2 billion people online, and that number continues to grow at an alarming rate, every day.  In this 2015 age of technology, when someone is looking for a service, product, or piece of information, they use the internet to find it.  In fact, small businesses with websites experience an average of 39% greater revenue per year than those without websites, according to the SBA.

Websites help businesses in many ways, from helping to establish credibility and brand awareness to being able to increase sales and customer engagement.

How We Do It

Simply Design uses up-to-the-minute techniques, software, and knowledge, mixed with old-fashioned hard work, to make your website out-perform your competitors.  The year 2015 is bringing new challenges and changes to the internet world, and while many SEO companies fall behind, Simply Design continues to excel, employing such techniques as Semantic Link Building, Optimized Anchor TextLocal Optimization, Social Sharing Incentive, and SEO Responsive Web Design.

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What are your current SEO strategies?

Search Engine Optimization without strategy is like running in the dark. Knowing who you are targeting, how you are targeting them, and what will be effective are key to a successful SEO campaign.  Simply Design has experience with many different types of clients on tons of campaigns, and we know exactly what will work.

What are your competitors’ strategies?

Knowing your competition can be just as important as knowing yourself. Who are they targeting?  What methods are they using? Should you employ a similar strategy or a counter strategy?  We have the technology and know-how to answer all of those questions and more, giving you the most return on your investment.

What could be better about your strategy?

One of the great things about the human race is the constant desire to improve.  When something is great, we want to make it better.  Part of Simply Design’s core value and strategy is that no matter a website’s position or current SEO, we will always strive to improve it.  So ask yourself: How could my website better drive customers to my business?

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