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If you’re reading this, we want to start by thanking you! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us and for being interested in MORE. At Simply Design, that’s what we’re focused on; better rankings and advertising that lead to more phone calls, more customers, more revenue, and more success for you. Beyond that, we live to serve our hundreds of clients. We’re not too big, we’re not too small, we’re simply devoted. So, from the Simply Design family to yours, we're looking forward to having the chance to serve your company and your organization!

Certifications, Awards & Partners

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We’re so lucky to serve some of the largest brands in the world! By augmenting in-house marketing teams, we’re able to help even the largest staff by providing top-notch, specific digital and production skills that they might not have! From Search Engine Optimization and Marketing to Video Production and Animation, we love to help large companies’ marketing staff by becoming one of the team!

Here’s a few large, multi-national clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with:

Simply Design National Clients

While we’re proud of our work with large brands, Simply Design’s bread and butter is working with local, mid-sized businesses. In order to grow these local businesses, we offer a talented team that can design and build websites, optimize them to rank in search engines and produce any type of video and animation needed to get more customers and grow a company’s bottom line!

We’re excited to partner with local businesses from all over like:

Simply Design New Mexico Clients

Albuquerque SEO

Search Engine Optimization has become the #1 way to gain new business. We put you in the spotlight on Google, Bing, Yahoo & more using our professional SEO expertise, knowledge & tools to increase your site’s organic ranking. If you don’t believe us, just ask for a free in-depth SEO consultation – we’ll prove it. Our goal isn’t to optimize, it’s to dominate.

Custom Website Design

A well designed website has become just as important as a quality physical location, due to the internet becoming more and more intertwined in our lives. With a team of professionals taking care of every aspect from user experience to copywriting to SEO, Simply Design puts your business’s website presence in good hands – and for a good price. Call now!

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is one of the fastest growing online advertising methods in the world. It’s a trackable and targeted strategy to reach your intended consumer group. Simply Design knows the intricacies of SEM in many mediums, including Adwords & interactive ads, allowing us to build your audience and prove it with our personalized reporting.

Graphic & Video Production

Graphic Design and Video Production are very powerful forms of visual communication. They can excite the imagination, inspire emotion, and persuade action. Simply Design combines professional artists, modern creativity, and high end production equipment to create some of the most elegant and elaborate designs, videos in the industry.


At Simply Design, nothing makes us more proud than watching a client grow. It’s both challenging and exciting to be given the task of increasing a client’s business by making their website or their digital marketing better. Here’s just a few of our clients that we’re proud to consider part of the Simply Design family!

Let’s Talk! Get a Consultation!

Whether you’re interested in website design or optimization, video production or design, we’re excited to talk to you about your goals. Get started with a free consultation! We’re available for a phone call, over Live Chat or through email. Thanks for the chance to serve you and we’re looking forward to hearing more about your business!

Social Media Management

Social Media is an interactive and instantaneous way to communicate with loyal customers, reach out to potential customers, and has become a large factor in both national and Albuquerque SEO. We use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to spread deals, keep your business on the customers’ minds, and overall, drive business and revenue to your company.

Video Production

As web and television become one, so has the top-notch team and technology at Simply Design. From shooting and editing to recording and producing, Simply Design has a talented team videographers and editors. We’re excited to use the newest technology to catch and create videos and commercial for the web and for broadcast!

Digital Advertising

Today, interactive and digital advertising is more important than ever. Website design, mobile apps, social media and search engine optimization have become cornerstones for every successful brand. Simply Design is on the cutting edge of online trends, letting us know what has worked in the past, and which big ideas will work far into the future.


As a popular style for videos and web commercials, animation has blossomed into an amazing way to catch potential customers’ imagination and to teach and learn new concepts. Simply Design is proud to feature animation experts that can create literally any type of motion graphics or animated short for your business or project!

Branding & Identity

A logo is a consumer’s first impression of your company, so it’s important that it speaks to them. We keep in close contact with our clients throughout the process, to ensure that the final brand & identity represent their wishes. Our process includes multiple versions of logo designs that go through many stages, until we find the perfect brand for your company!

Mobile Sites & Applications

As more & more people own smartphones in today’s world, offering a mobile app has become invaluable. Our talented & experienced app developers can build tons of features & functionalities into your business’s app, such as online ordering, reservations, instant reviews, or anything you could think of. If you’ve ever though of having an app, don’t hesitate to call.


As Simply Design has grown over almost a decade, we’ve also grown geographically! From our birthplace and production headquarters in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we’ve grown three other sales offices and we now serve customers from around the US and the UK. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with customers from around the nation, from any of our four offices!

Simply Design Client Map

Questions We’re Often Asked

People are always asking us questions about marketing, advertising, and the web, so we thought we would provide a place to give solid, straightforward answers.

How Do I Get to the Top of Google?
This is the question we’re asked most. We love when people ask it, and we live to answer it. To put it into a single word, the answer is – relevancy. Our years of SEO research & experience have taught us that Google is always looking for the most relevant website for what people are searching for. There are, of course, over 300 metrics, aspects & ranking factors that Google takes into account, but at the end of the day, if your website is relevant & useful to your target audience, you will have a fantastic foundation.
How Do I Get People to Notice My Website?
It takes a lot to create a website that stands out from the billions of other websites around; but we’ve created a simple answer to this question – you need knowledge and passion.  (Please don’t ask our developers & designers this question though.  They will get too excited.  They will talk your ear off about web design!)  But if you have the design knowledge to make the passion you have for your business shine through, people will notice.
Does Website Traffic Effect My Search Engine Ranking?
Traffic does affect ranking, but very little. Unless you receive hundreds of thousands of views per day, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll see a spike in ranking. Traffic is good, but a few reasons it shouldn’t be a main focus is that:
A) You’re goal is most likely to gain customers or clients through your website, not just traffic, and

B) If you blindly gain too much traffic from random sources, it could actually hurt your ranking. If a random source clicks on your website, it’s likely that they’ll click the ‘Back’ button soon after. This sends a signal to search engines that your site isn’t what people are looking for, so they demote your rank.

Our suggestion is to create a quality experience for your target audience, and the traffic you need to grow and thrive will come with it.

How Do I Know If My Search Engine Optimization Strategy is Working?
Good search engine rankings don’t happen overnight, but there are some indicators to look at. One of the best points to look at is – progress. Even an increase of two or three spots on a search engine can be an indicator that a strategy is having a positive effect. If you find little or no progress over time, simply re-adjust your strategy.
How Many Words Should Be On My Billboard?
When it comes to billboard advertising, less is more. Get your targeted message across in as few words as possible. If you’re looking for a maximum number, no more than 9 (short) words. Take into account that people will be whizzing by in their cars, so there’s only so much they can read…but creating a connection with those people with only a few short words, well, that’s where the creative process comes in.
What is SEO?
Our answer might be different than most. A simple answer is ‘The process of optimizing a website to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing & Yahoo”, but we don’t feel it should stop there. If a website is at the top of a search engine, but doesn’t convince someone to call, order, or visit your business, it’s not worth it. That’s why we optimize for more than search engines, but customers as well. SEO should bring you more business, not just higher rankings.
Which Search Engine Should I Focus On?
First, you need to find your target demographic.  It will tell you everything you need to know.  How old are they?  What kind of computer do they use?  Do they browse with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or something else?  Are they computer savvy?

Google should always be on your mind when it comes to search, being that they carry almost 70% of search engine usage, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out the others.  If your target audience prefers Internet Explorer, Bing is a good focus.  If they are looking for answers to questions, Yahoo is a good source.

If you need some help pinning down which search engine to target, just send us a message.  We are more than happy to do the research for you.

What is the Future of Google Search?
Why Does My Business Need Social Media?
When it comes to social media, you want your service or product to be on your customers mind next time they make a purchase and drive them to your business. Your post on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or a review on Google Plus can get you noticed by the hundreds of millions of people using social media on a daily basis. We do the research to find the best time for you to post, how to reach the most people, and how to drive people to your business. By tracking Facebook data we will make the best decision on when to post so that you can reach the most people and have a successful social media campaign.

Interested in a Proposal?

We’re so excited for the chance to serve you and your company. If you’re interested in learning more about Simply Design or in getting a proposal for your project, we’d be honored to receive your information! We hold the highest standards for protecting our customers’ information, so rest assured, you won’t be contacted or bothered; just an initial outreach to say hello!


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