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You’ve heard all of the hype and the impressive statistics; mobile searches are now out numbering those done on a desktop computer. The interesting part about mobile websites is their effect on your search rankings. Gone are the days of simply having a completely different mobile website, here are the days of fully responsive websites.

What is responsive, you ask? Responsive websites are built on a platform that makes them able to dynamically resize themselves for any screen. Whether your 5 inch iPhone or your 50″ plasma, responsive websites are able to adjust and look great on any size. Here’s a good test to see if a website is responsive:

Hover over the bottom right side of your browser window and drag the corner of the window back and forth to watch the elements on the screen dynamically resize. This amazing technology insures that every visitor will see your website in it’s best light!

Are you a business that serves consumers? If you’re a restaurant, car dealer, plumber or anyone of the like, customers will be looking for your services and products on their smartphones. They might be walking, they might be on the go, but they will locate a business to work with in the palm of their hand. Weigh the odds in your favor and have a fully responsive website ready for them!

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