Local Search Marketing

More than just a buzz-word, it's driving business to your business!

Throughout the past months and years, many changes have happened in the realm of local search marketing, and many more are to come! At Simply Design, we’re excited and ready to keep you ahead of the curve so your business has the best chance of attracting local customers! So, you might ask, what is local search all about and why is it important?
Highly optimized and and targeted local search marketing can be a very powerful tool for attracting customers. Search engines are now localizing search results more than ever, meaning that if the correct cues aren’t placed in the correct methods, locals in your area could be seeing search results without your business in them!

Think for a second, the last time you used your smartphone or tablet when you were looking for a particular business. You might have been looking for a restaurant, a car dealer or just a coffee shop. When you typed these terms into Google or Bing, what did you see? Did you see several results listed next to a map with red or blue balloons? The results listed on this map and millions of others are what’s referred to as local search.

In search engines’ conquest to become more relevant and useful to it’s customers (search engine users), the drive to become more “localized” has grown by leaps and bounds. Gone are the days where simply having a website was enough. Users now depend on the ability to simply type what they’re looking for into a search and have the perfect recommendation pop up.

If you’re not sure if your local search is well optimized or is ready for the changes ahead, Simply Design has helped many customers keep up with these changes just since they started and is looking forward to helping you!

Be Known in Your City

    Don’t Get Lost in Your Own Hometown!

    If you’re concerned or interested in making your business show up in local search to connect with local customers, we’d love to talk with you today! Get a free consultation and learn how we can drive business to your doorstep through local search!