The Past and Future!

A quick history and future of Simply Design.

“Look at the past and predict the future.”

Would you believe that great wisdom was in a fortune cookie? Either way, it’s spot on and we believe our future will be as exciting as our past. Here’s some more on Simply Design; past, present and future:

The Early Days – Print, Design and Branding

Anyone in the marketing, design or advertising field can remember the times where digital media, websites and search engines were no more important than print ads or the like. Though some feel these were the glory days, we disagree.

Simply Design was actually born in these days and has evolved every day since. Starting as a branding and early web design business, most work was centered on getting attention, making brands look good and providing a digital hub for potential customers.

As a company and an industry, things have adapted and evolved throughout time. More online tools, ways to reach customers and better things to say have created massive opportunities for customers. Today, that world exists in websites, search engines, social media and online marketing.

Today – The Web, Search Engines, Mobile and More

Still a design agency at heart and trade, we realized the world is a better place with more 1’s and 0’s. Digital marketing and design are a part of your life and your company more than ever and we want to be too! Throughout marketing’s evolution, we’ve evolved as well. Gone are yesterday’s websites bound by the limits of technology and advances.

Today, our average customer utilizes 3 or more websites, constant search engine marketing, social media, mobile optimized websites and customer relationship tools.

Beyond our skills and toolbox, our team has grow substantially throughout the years. We’ve got one of the best teams of designers, programmers, SEO specialists, creatives and operations folks in the industry.

The Future – Expansion, New Skills and Partnerships

The key to advancement is trying new, daring and interesting things. The drive for more is our customers’ motivation and it’s a feeling we share. In order to grown and develop, Simply Design has become home to several new skills and disciplines.

Simply Design is becoming one of the premier national agencies when it comes to animation, film and video. This important skill set has been in development for years, but with the addition of new members of our team and new equipment, we’ll continue to be at the forefront of video marketing and production.

Finally, to new partnerships. With a growing team it’s necessary to continue to find new ways to serve clients. We’ll be announcing several new partnerships over the next few months with other companies and newly acquired companies. If you’re a company that lives to serve clients and are interested in becoming a referral source or affiliate for Simply Design, visit our Contact Page now!

    We want to be in your future!

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