Video Production

While glamorous and creative for Hollywood, video can be an amazing outlet to connect with your customers on a higher level. Customers who view videos are much more likely to understand and feel comfortable with your business, leading to a much easier sale and increased revenue. Ever wonder what goes into a great video or commercial for a business? Here’s the process Simply Design uses to produce dozens of commercials monthly that are aired on television, the web and abroad for our clients:

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    • Research and Writing – A great commercial or video for your business starts out with research and thought. We begin by examining the goals of the video, where it will run and who will see it. Is your video entertaining and persuasive or instructional and insightful? Once we have the answers to these questions, we’ll begin the process of writing and planning out the flow of your video.
    • Storyboarding and Scouting – Next, we need to create a visual interpretation of your video in still images. By using storyboards, or rough sketches, we’re able to block out the main concept of the video so we can have a total idea of how it will appear, beginning to end. After we’ve got our rough storyboards, we begin either scouting locations or talent. Will we need a narrator? Will we film in our studio or on location? All of these aspects of the video will be planned now.
    • Shooting and Production – Finally, it’s time to shoot some video. With our advanced video and audio recording equipment and rigging, we can capture almost any shot needed. From the air or from the ground, we have rigs, cameras and mic’s that can make your video look amazing. Beyond just shooting dull video, our production team shoots in full HD quality and has the ability to create video with such clarity, it can be used in any outlet.
    • Editing and Delivery – Once we’ve shot and recorded all of the film needed for your video, it’s time to make the final product. Our editing team has dedicated editing facilities and tools at our production office to make sure we can speed through any project at lightning pace. With a large production team, we can make any deadline and once our team has completed the editing and has gained your approval, our wicked-fast FTP tools can deliver any size spot without issue!

    Video production and delivery can be an amazing tool to reach your customers. If your business needs a new commercial for television or the web, we’d love to tell you more about our team or show our edit reels. Want to see some examples of our work now? Click on the video on our home page and watch the magic in action!

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