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More than just video and animation, motion graphics have the power to tell a story from any angle with any image. Multimedia of the future is viewed on computer screens, instead of televisions and our motion graphics team tells an online story beyond the brand. Wondering what motion graphics are and what they do?

Motion Graphics are used by the Simply Design team for clients’ websites that need explanation or further engagement. Because video and multimedia are completely immersive ways of reaching a client, these forms of design are often times used to explain difficult concepts or involved products that need be demonstrated.

Here’s a few great examples of how motion graphics can be used:

Sales & Marketing – Many motion graphics center on the concept of helping a customer to understand a product or a service. Complicated processes or products can easily be understood when simply presented in a rich-media format that can literally be created to look any way needed.

Training & Instruction – Internal websites and training modules are a great tool for internal sales training, franchise training or remote training from employees who may not be able to attend local training events or who might need to access on-demand instruction through your website!

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