Affordable Website Design

Finding a Balance to Find Return on Investment

We hear this question all the time, “What does a website cost?” It’s a great question and one that deserves a great answer! Generally speaking there are a few different types of websites:

  • Very Basic Websites – These websites have very little functionality, are usually paid for monthly and aren’t able to do very advanced types of effects or have much utility. These websites are very inexpensive, but not too useful. They can also have issues appearing correctly on different devices and almost always will have issues being crawled by search engines.
  • Basic Websites – Basic websites are generally built on a more advanced platform, like WordPress that has almost limitless functionality, though the websites only have a few pages and don’t have much added functionality. Basic websites are inexpensive, but are often times smaller than needed and could use some professional upgrades and touches to make them live up to their full potential.
  • Professional Websites – Professional websites are just that, built by professionals. These websites will use state-of-the-art technology and software to make the website convert visitors into customers. Every aspect of the website is professionally designed, with amazing graphics and pictures, the content is honed by copywriters and functionality is built and checked by programmers. Professional websites are a must if your business relies on customers finding your business on the web.
  • Application Based Websites – Application based websites have a specific purpose to carry out. More than just a website, application based websites perform a function. They might be a booking database or a dating website, but these very technical portals can be quite pricey and take quite a bit of time to build. Our advanced team of programmers has a massive amount of experience creating these types of websites, which can be hard to find due to the level of experience necessary!

With all of these options, choosing a platform that creates value for your company is a must. Cheap or inexpensive should never be the goal, rather, finding a website solution that creates value (makes more money for your business than it costs) is a great goal to make sure you’re getting a return on investment. Not sure how much money your website is making? We can help with that too!


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