The Simply Design Team

Meet the team that makes the magic.

Yes, it’s true. If you visit our office, we’ll even show you the poster! If you’re wondering what  “The Robot Army” is, it’s not only our team’s nickname, but our perspective on teamwork and work in general!

The real story goes back a several years when our team consisted of a “rag tag,” team of programmers, designers and creatives. Without a real hierarchy, our team would work incredible hours to pull off amounts of client work that would overwhelm most agencies. Between the long hours and lack of time, everyone started to look the same:

Tired, determined, professionally dressed and always with their favorite nectar in their hands.

Though the name was born from a joke, it’s stuck ever since. So, to the past, current and future members of the Robot Army, we salute you!

Down to Business. Who runs this show?

We’d like to think we’re one of the most motivated talented marketing teams in the United States, but ask any agency and you’ll probably get a similar answer. So to cut through the hyperbole, here’s a breakdown of the Robot Army:

Client Team – (Though we all are part of this)

As creative as we are, we know who comes first and that’s why it’s the first on the list. Clients are the most important part of Simply Design. It is the sole reason we’ve grown, built, prospered and reinvested into our community. Without clients, we’re nothing and we know this. (So thanks to all of our past, current and future clients!)

Our Client and Sales team is made up of people whose cell phones never turn off, who’s stomaches are always aching because of meals missed due to long meetings, whose iCal looks like Charles Dickens’ novel and who work every day to meet and help one more client.

Creative Team – (No particular order now, not playing favorites!)

The creative team understands things that the rest do not. They match every day, they have customized iPhone cases and yes, they have more colored pencils than you can even believe. When a creative project arises, this team snaps into action asking “why”, instead of “how”, and “when” instead of “what”. These folks make the ideas that help our clients find clients.

The Creative team is made up of individuals whose lives revolve around marketing books and blogs, whose Pinterest’s are brimming full, whose color choices always coordinate and who work every day to help one more client’s client connect with them in a more meaningful way.

Technical Team

You’ve never heard more acronyms in your life unless you’ve sat in a technical meeting in our offices. SEO, SEM, PPC, CPL; it’s never ending. The worst part? They all know what they mean. The technical team is exactly as it sounds, technical. When your site is down or your Google+ Page isn’t updating, they’re going to fix it, fast.

The Technical team is made up of people who could tell you what a “Canonical Link Element” is and why you need it to rank higher, who code for fun & literally refer to colors by their hex code and work every day to make clients technical assets work better for their customers.

Operations Team

True in every business on earth, businesses are about customers, accounts payable and accounts receivable. Our hats are off to the Ops Team who send hundreds of invoices monthly, call dozens of clients per day, order the sweet nectar we drink, call maintenance when a thermostat isn’t working, who books our travel and who keeps every customer informed and happy. (We appreciate you Op’s!)

The Operations team is made up people who take every opportunity to make Simply Design run more smoothly, perfectly and wonderfully. They are the team who works through the night at the end of every month, who takes every phone call for twelve hours per day (on every time zone) and who work every day to help our clients to know that we’re there to serve them forever!

Beyond our work, Simply Design couldn’t be more proud to be a supporter of our local economy, local businesses and to have our headquarters be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Besides being a great place to work and live, we love the ability to support our family, friends and neighbors by offering great employment opportunities and a chance to grow in a career.

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