Our Project Management System

How We Get Things Done

Simply Design uses a “waterfall type” project management system which allows us to get customer feedback as quickly as possible at each stage or task. While some firms use the “guess we’ll see” method, we like to have a plan when we’re making a plan.

To us, project management is all about communication. Whether communicating a deadline, an idea or an improvement, we have to have a clear way to get ahold of one another and to talk to the stakeholders.

Here’s how we make sure to keep every project on-track, on-target and on-budget:

Scope and Limitations – What are we here to do? This is a big picture, broad-stroke idea of what the project will look like when it’s finished. Here we’ll also talk about limitations; what we’re not allowed to do, what we should stay away from or specific things to avoid.

Discovery, Execution & Launch Plan – The W’s of your project: When, why and who. We’ll refine the project by breaking down each step into smaller, more specific tasks. By the end, even the most challenging project is made up of 1000’s of simple steps.

Discovery & Research– We’ll get started on our creative process of discovery, which is covered in our creative steps. We’ll work to define every question we have into an answer for your project.

Execution – The rubber is meeting the road. Design begins and revisions roll in. Through our communication, we’ll get your likes, loves and more. By this stage, we’ve either avoided roadblocks or crashed through them, so we’ll move at a constant pace.

Launch – Everything has a birthday, even websites, apps & SEO campaigns. Though we’ll be celebrating, every parent knows the work begins on day 2. After launch, we’ll work to make things even better.

Improve – Improvement starts even before launch. We’ll have extensive punch-lists set in place to constantly make you better. Fix this code, move that pixel, change this color; and we’ll get to each task with a sustainable plan to maintain your project.

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