Is Your Content Optimized for Voice Search?

When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s becoming more important than ever to utilize multiple forms of search. An emerging and increasingly key aspect of this area of SEO is voice search.

Google Voice Search is when you tell Google what information to search for on the internet. Instead of typing the words in the search box on the web page, you speak out loud to input the data by using the microphone on a cell phone or computer so that Google can then search for the information on the internet.

Why would anyone use Voice Search?

Sometimes it can be difficult to quickly type out numbers and phrases on a computer or mobile, especially if you simply want to type a short, quick response before your train of thought is interrupted.

Some individuals will use voice search as a way of multitasking. When trying to search for a business in a local area, for example, individuals can use voice search to quickly and easily locate that business without detracting from another task at hand or having to stop and read through information on their phone. For example, if driving, voice search allows users to find where they need to go while still being able to concentrate on the road.

Do you know how to optimize Voice Search for a mobile device?

How one person searches for something on internet varies greatly from how they would ask verbally, therefore, it is important that you perform thorough keyword research to understand what your customers are searching for and how they’re searching. Users will use natural language for Voice Search, so it’s imperative that you include this type of optimization in your website content and SEO.

Is your content SEO optimized for SIRI?

Given Apple’s popularity and the total customer base of your business, there’s a good possibility that a high percentage of your customers probably use an iPhone that has a voice-activated feature known as SIRI. This is likely to be the go-to voice search option for iPhone users, making it a strong area to target in terms of SEO.

How do you get SIRI to notice your business online?

By default, SIRI uses the Bing search engine to get information online based on its algorithm. Keep in mind, when you use a mobile device, the search results may differ from the way you would receive the search results when using a computer. This means that it’s key that your website is mobile-friendly and users can navigate each web page easily. As far as SEO goes, you should think of questions that your customers would ask about your business, as it relates to your content. People will speak to SIRI in the format of a question as a search query, so including phrases in your on-site text such as, “…best Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque” will greatly increase your chances of showing up in the results.

While it’s always a good idea to create content that will attract attention to your website, it’s especially true in terms of Voice Search SEO. Think of your targeted audience waiting in line at a restaurant, waiting for the bus, or standing in line patiently waiting for the cashier to scan their items. Customize interesting content for the needs of mobile users who are looking for short, fast, and informative information.

When you’re optimizing, it’s important to remember that product ads do not appear on SIRI so you should not rely on pay per click ads for sales. However, where your customer performs their search is vitally important, so make sure that the name, address, and phone number for your business are listed and spelled correctly on important listing such as YELP, Google, OpenTable, and more.

Ok, Google

There’s no question that the digital world has truly made its mark on the internet with voice activated engines such as SIRI and Google. As the technology for voice activated search continues to improve and offer users faster and better results, you can be certain the necessity for Voice Search SEO will increase, too. If you follow these tips on how to optimize content for voice search using search engine optimization, you could be well on your way to creating a marketing strategy that properly utilizes the new ways modern consumers are interacting with online information.

If you’re still feeling a little unsure about where your business stands regarding SEO and Voice Search, ask SIRI to give you the phone number of Simply Design in Albuquerque. We’re ready to help.