Grow Your Business with These Branding Tips

Want to Stand Out? Start with Your Brand.

Business branding is the overall image your company portrays to the public. Your business’s logo, the imagery you use, and the colors you associate with “who you are”, are an important part of shaping your relationship with your customers. In other words, effective business branding reminds people of who you are and allows you to stand out from the crowd!

Here are six business branding tips to try in both your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and branding endeavors.

Make Your Brand Accessible

Making your business brand accessible starts with making it easy to share. Add some social network sharing buttons on your site to encourage visitors to share your content. Invite interaction on social media and create engaging posts (remember to use images!) that will get people sharing, commenting, and maybe even asking you questions!. If people see that you’re actively interacting with your customer base, they’ll think of your brand overall as someone to trust.

Visual Components

It’s no secret, we all like looking at pretty things! Using an array of visual elements like photography, backgrounds, and illustrations on your website can help both you and your brand gain traction. Be sure to use a variety of visuals in your printed marketing materials as well to see a striking difference.

How people understand your brand determines how they interact with you. A logo may translate different meanings to different people, depending on the place a person comes from and the cultural views they uphold. Make sure to complement your brand with fonts and colors that people in your target market can easily identify and relate with.


A backlink is simply a link to your site that appears on somewhere else on the world wide web. Although this technique has been around quite long and some people find it frustrating to share links, backlinking can make a big difference to your brand. Backlinks help build trust and credibility with search engines, allowing your brand to reach a larger audience by having more visibility. Backlinks from social media platforms may not directly affect your rankings in the search engines, but a lot of chatter around your company can create brand awareness and that means more exposure!

Mobile Friendly

A great way to ensure strong SEO and an impressive brand exposure is to make your website is mobile-friendly. When sites are slow, dysfunctional, and hard to navigate on mobile phones, they have a hard time retaining a steady flow of traffic. A lot of your website traffic is going to come from mobile users, and let’s face it – are they going to be happier to share a sleek, smooth, and easy to use website or one that makes them hit the back button instantaneously? Not only does a poorly functioning site deter customers, it can reflect negatively on your brand. Understanding how web design can garner a consistent number of followers online is crucial. Streamlining the convenience and experience for potential customers who are learning about and purchasing your products or services should be your top priority.

Long-Term Versus Short-Term SEO Business Branding

Business branding is about gaining massive web exposure online and getting noticed as a trustworthy expert in your niche. This means how your business performs depends greatly on the goals you’ve formulated, both long and short-term. Don’t just think about this month’s promotions, start thinking about next year’s.

Online PR

News and press can increase the visibility and effectiveness of companies and the campaigns within their niche the same way they can for online visibility. Among the top advantages of press releases is the way they help the message of your brand spread quickly to a great number of people online.

Press release material should outlines the benefits of your product or company in a clear and concise manner. People love news and whether your business is moving locations, offering a new product, or sponsoring a charity event, don’t be afraid to let people hear it!

Whether you work in a large or small business or you work in a B2B or retail company, having an effective brand strategy can give you a competitive edge. All this, with a combination of SEO branding techniques, will ensure that clients will find your products and services faster and more conveniently. For more information about search engine optimization and business branding, please visit get in touch with the Albuquerque SEO and branding experts at Simply Design today!