How Video Marketing is Changing the Web in 2017

The web is changing, and along with it are businesses all over the world who are looking for newer and better ways to connect with their audience. With the explosion of YouTube in recent years, video marketing has become part of any growing business’s core repertoire. Taking advantage of the best video production Albuquerque has to offer isn’t just a good idea, but an indispensable strategy to your success.

Check out some of the biggest ways video marketing is changing the game for advertising specialists.

For every part of your conversion process

Typically, video production is thought of in terms of “viral videos”. While every business is looking for their own viral hit, the truth is that video marketing has expanded far beyond this niche application and can play a role in every step of your customer’s journey. Whether that means making the first point of contact or sealing the deal with a long-term follower, video can do it all.

Video blogs are a great way to demonstrate expertise in a given field, in a way that is accessible and engaging. Relatively quick to produce, they can serve as an effective tool to make a strong first impression.

Webinars are a good choice for potential customers and clients who already have an established relationship with your brand. Longer videos will deepen the connection, and let you prove how relevant your services are to their needs.

However, the possibilities are endless, and a quick survey of the variety of videos online today will offer insight into the different ways you can engage your audience. Think animated shorts designed to create an emotional impact, informative commercials that can explain the ins and outs of your process, customer testimonials that prove your commitment, and so much more.

Higher engagement

Numbers don’t lie, and in this case, they go a long way toward showing how effective videos are at building a connection with young audiences. According to one UK study, online audiences are more likely to engage with a video-based post than a purely text post, growing shares, comments and ‘likes’ by these rates:

  • Increases shares by 39%
  • Boosts comments by 36%
  • Improves ‘like’ rates by 56%

The increased engagement seems to point to visual media’s ability to make an impact on audiences in the span of just a few seconds. When social media users are scrolling through their daily feeds, you often have just the blink of an eye to get your message across. If your video can make a connection with your audience in this short time frame, they are much more likely to stick with you for the long-term.

Keeping up with the times

Perhaps the most important reason to get your foot through the door in the world of video marketing is because the rules are still changing so fast. With the advent of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and new Instagram video features, our tool set is expanding rapidly. These three examples are just taken from the past year, as various networks are still looking for new ways to speak to their users.

This means two things for growing businesses. The first is that video marketing tools are becoming more valuable over time. The second is that getting involved now is essential if you plan on taking part in the next wave of advertising tools and strategies that become available.

As video becomes integrated into social media sites in ever changing ways, these platforms are getting better at targeting content to user wants and needs. The major buzzword in the world of video marketing this year is ‘data’. Using search history, profile information, and other sources social media sites are getting better at bringing the right videos to the right eyes. For you, that just means a higher rate of return on your investment.

Looking to the future

What’s on the horizon for video marketing? With the mobile revolution, the way we consume video is changing, taking it from our homes to trains, buses, and planes across the world. This means more opportunities for engagement, as well as new strategies to engage audiences in varying environments. And now that VR technology is entering the mainstream, forward-thinking businesses are thinking up new ways to invite people into fully-immersive, and interactive, 3D environments. It seems that the possibilities are endless as technology continues to advance, and keeping an eye on the horizon is the safest bet for success.

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