Video SEO? What You Need to Know!

Online videos are excellent marketing tools. Millions of people go to the internet to watch videos, and utilizing the popularity of videos online is a strategic opportunity for a firm to get their content trending. Video search engine optimization (vSEO) is effective in attracting viewers and plenty of shares; it is how your video will rank higher in Google and the other search engines including Twitter and Facebook. In vSEO, the search engine does not recognize the term ‘video’ but rather the descriptive text. So what do you need to know in order to start using this awesome tool? Let’s go over some basics together!

Original Content
To create trending videos, you’ll have to be innovative, entertaining, and educative. An online video that succeeds often stands out because there are millions of other videos competing for the viewers’ attention. Don’t forget the darn cats. An eye-catching video that is both emotionally-involving and entertaining always comes out winning. Create content that viewers will cherish the most, or better yet, give them something to think about!

Keywords are designed to help search engines to categorize content. On the other hand, tags are designed to target the audience directly; they’re the exact terms the visitor might use. Tags do not need to be in the video content, but thoughtful tags can get your video in front of the right eyes so really think about what people might search for if they wanted to find your content.

The Title
Include the main keyword in the title of the video; this is one of the most efficient techniques of vSEO. The keyword should also appear at the start of the video or closer to the title in the beginning. Search engines obviously lack the ability to read irony, so don’t get clever – use common keywords like ‘review’, and ‘how to’.

A Transcript
For a video to be ranked properly, it needs to have a transcript that describes the elements in detail. Even though the process of transcribing from video to text is a huge workload, the SEO value is worthwhile. A transcript provides a competitive edge because numerous companies dismiss transcribing, a great resource for social media!

Always include like/shares buttons so that viewers can make the video go viral by sharing it. In Facebook and Twitter, you’ll be able to get valuable insight on how the video has been distributed. This can help you spread the outreach of future videos.

A Sitemap
This is an important tool for showing visitors where the video is located on your company’s website. This, in turn, will enable search engines to find the video and index it, which brings in even more traffic. The sitemap can also be uploaded to your company’s YouTube channel; the process is moderately challenging but can be done correctly when the guidelines are observed.

Distribute Videos
There are plenty of video sharing sites that offer useful tools for enhancing online visibility and promoting additional links. Videos you place on YouTube and other similar sites should be optimized with keywords. Optimize channel pages on YouTube as well. A distribution site like TubeMogul is ideal for sending your videos to the other sites automatically.

Linking Strategy
Just like other types of digital content, a linking strategy is vital for videos. Link building should be done internally and externally. One of the best strategies is cross-linking your video to other videos online. Ensure that you only link to web pages that are relevant to your business. Other places to link include in blog posts and social media posts.

Repurpose Videos
Get creative in the videos to optimize results. There are several ways of achieving this, such as embedding videos in web content and using transcriptions to create web pages. Longer videos should be broken into several shorter ones. Use offline content like conference videos as digital assets by making them available on your website.

In a nutshell, choose keywords well and craft the descriptions in a detailed manner to get higher rankings from search results. Using these techniques will enable you to optimize all your videos for increased views, consequently leading to more sales. Tell the internet what you’re all about with a short video and watch how quickly news might spread.

If you need a professional video made that will represent your company or need help marketing your video to the right audience, contact us today!